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The Society has an index to Monumental Inscriptions made by our members and members of other groups. It covers Cheshire and some places close to the border. The index has over 444,00 entries, compiled over many years by David Wright. It lists name, age of death, location and grave number and also gives the source of the full transcribed inscription (except verses in some cases) if published by us or any other group. NOTE THAT IT IS AN INDEX TO INDIVIDUAL NAMES - IT IS NOT A LIST OF INDIVIDUAL GRAVESTONES.

We will extract all occurrences of a SURNAME from the list of inscriptions at a charge of £3.00 for UK & Europe and £4.00 for rest of the world - this is per SURNAME.

A list of all locations currently included in the index is also provided.

Please send sterling cheque, payable to North Cheshire Family History Society, to:

Liz de Mercado, Secretary NCFHS, 9 Kitts Moss Lane, Bramhall, Stockport, SK7 2BG.

Initial enquiries can be made to her by email – see Contact Us.



Those PLACES marked F or Disc(*), etc. have been published on Fiche or CD by either:

(A) NORTH CHESHIRE Family History Society
(D) DERBYSHIRE Family History Society
(E) MANCHESTER & LANCASHIRE Family History Society
(F) MACCLESFIELD FERRETS 59 Ivy Lane, Macclesfield, Cheshire
(G) SHROPSHIRE Family History Society
(H) CLYWD Family History Society
(J) LIVERPOOL & S.W. LANCS Family History Society
(K) BIRMINGHAM & MIDLAND Family History Society
(North Staffordshire Branch)

(Book) Taken from published book
(Mn) Manuscript held by The North Cheshire Family History Society
(Rcd) Recorded from other sources
(Film) Film held by The North Cheshire Family History Society

This is a MONUMENTAL INSCRIPTIONS INDEX not a BURIAL INDEX and, if possible, all entries should be checked personally.