We regret that owing to insufficient support the Society has been wound up. Existing memberships expired at the end of 2016. Our last meetings were in November 2016 and the last issue of the North Cheshire Family Historian was published in that month. The Society has been removed from the Register of Charities.

Our assets, including our library, have been passed to the Family History Society of Cheshire.

Our National Burial Index and Monumental Inscription Index data published on the Findmypast website remain available. All the transcriptions of parish registers and monumental inscriptions made over many years by numerous volunteers have been passed to FHSC. The fruits of thousands of hours of labour have not been lost!

Members’ options for the future were described in the August 2016 journal and there was more information in the November journal. Please note that we did not merge with the Family History Society of Cheshire and that former members of NCFHS did not automatically become members of FHSC. As an introduction to FHSC, those members of NCFHS who did not opt out (see November 2016 journal) or who were not existing members of FHSC were sent the March and June 2017 issues of Cheshire Ancestor. To learn more about FHSC, go to www.fhsc.org.uk

A number of former members of the Sale Branch formed a new Group within the Family History Society of Cheshire.

The venue is the same: Trinity Methodist Church, Trinity Road, Sale, M33 3ED

See www.fhsc.org.uk/about-the-group-sale

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The November 2016 issue of the North Cheshire Family Historian has been issued. If you have not received your copy, please contact the Membership Secretary.

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